My Areas of Expertise

web development Limerick

Web Development

I like many developers have been born with the gift of converting many cups of coffee and bowls of noodles into the code which forms the basis of beautiful software. A true miracle! My favourite frame works are Bootstrap and Fluid Js.

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web design Limerick, Ireland

Web Design

When comes to web design, it is my priority to build an experience which is both sophisticated and innovative. I am concerned with not just the functionality of a build but also the visual experience and this contributes to a user interface which is accessible but also stylish.

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magento development

Magento Development

Magneto is one of my favourite tools and I have created many e-commerce websites using this platform. It enables me to create a system which is easy to use for the customer but is also simplistic for the back end administrator.

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wordpress development Limerick

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is my favourite CMS solution for small and medium size business. For the user it is quite a visual experience so I like to focus on creating a great looking product while keeping that simplistic interface.

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MOBILE development Ireland

Mobile Development

I develop custom and multi platform mobile apps with Java or Html5 and Phone Gap. Also I have worked with Magento and Wordpress content based app's for various clients.

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video editing Limerick

Video editing/animations

I edit videos and create animations with Premier Pro and After Effects. This is very much another passion in my life. I have produced video promos and products for a range of different clients.

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web development

Web Development & Design My Philosophy Is Innovation.

I design and develop beautiful websites for local and international clients both small and large scale. I develop interactive front-ends with the latest libraries of JavaScript and Html5 frameworks. I have also been working to deliver Php & MySql solutions for Wordpress and Magento platforms.

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Web Development & Design



    Java, Jsp, MVC, Bootstrap, Psd

  • Graivt8media


    Html5, Css3, Js, Bootstrap

  • Piero Cortex

    Piero Cortex

    Html5, Css3, Js, Bootstrap

  • Cue Commerce

    Cue Commerce

    Magento, Html5, Css3, Js, Php

  • Kaczmarek Photo

    Kaczmarek Photo

    Psd, Wordpress, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql

  • FYP wireframe - mockup

    FYP Wireframe/Mockup


  • Hura Photo

    Hura Photo

    Psd, Html5, Css3, Js

  • Golfmiles


    Magento, Html5, Css3, Js

  • Top Trade

    Top Trade

    Psd, Magento, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql

  • Polish Chaplaincy

    Polish Chaplaincy

    Psd, Wordpress, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql

  • Nasz Limerick

    Nasz Limerick

    Psd, Wordpress, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql

  • Zumba Limerick

    Zumba Limerick

    Psd, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql


mobile & multimedia development

Mobile & Multimedia I Code The World Into The Palm Of Your Hand!

I like to work across a range of platform technologies and I design cutting edge interfaces for various devices. In my portfolio you can find everything from mobile app's to Flash games and Html5 graphic novels. Interactive applications is a favoured direction in the future of my career.

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Mobile & Multimedia

  • Unit Converter


    Psd, Html5, Js, jQuery Mobile, Phone Gap

  • Android Ui

    Android Ui


  • F-Web



  • National Business Expo

    National Business Expo

    Psd, jQuery Mobile, Wordpress

  • Weather App

    Weather App

    Psd, ActionScript3, Xml

  • The Regulator

    The Regulator - Graphic Novel

    Psd, Illustrator, Html5, Js, Edge Animate

  • Invasion


    Psd, Wordpress, Html5, Css3, Js, Php, MySql

  • News Reader

    News Reader


  • Type With Tom

    Type With Tom

    Psd, Illustrator, Html5, Css3, Js


video & animations

Video editing & Animations It’s A Landslide!

Oh by the way, in my spare time I like to think I could give Spielberg some competition. I love video production and I animate cool intros for YouTube and Vimeo. Check it out for yourself. I was a nominated finalist in the Video and Multimedia category in the students competition in 2012 and 2013. And I am just getting started!

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Video & Animations

  • Introduction to Html5

    Introduction to Html5

    Premier Pro, After Effects

  • Drink Aware 2012

    Drink Aware 2012

    Premier Pro, After Effects

  • St.Patrick Day Parade 2013

    St.Patrick Day Parade 2013

    Premier Pro, After Effects

  • Psd to Html - Tutorial

    Psd to Html - Tutorial

    Premier Pro, After Effects

  • Best Ide - Tutorial

    Best Ide - Tutorial

    Premier Pro, After Effects

  • How to Slice Psd - Tutorial

    How to Slice Psd - Tutorial

    Premier Pro, After Effects


other projects

My Other Projects!

Projects that I have been working in my spare time. You will find here everything from web tools such as Responsive Site Tester Tool, Arduino and ActionScript Piano to samples of my work with the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

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Other Projects



Hello there my name is Pawel.

Hello there my name is Pawel and I am a final year Multimedia Programming and Design student at the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland.
My passion in life is everything from web design and web development to developing applications for a range of mobile devices.

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About Pawel

pawel web developer Hello there my name is Pawel and I am a final year Multimedia Programming and Design student at the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland.
My passion in life is everything from web design and web development to developing applications for a range of mobile devices.
I create and design beautiful web sites that have sophisticated visuals and a simplistic user interface. I am very passionate about developing a usability experience which is accessible for people from any walk of life.
I also create and produce both video and animated projects for a wide variety of clients and also for my own personal YouTube page. Some of my video production work was recently a finalist in a national student competition here in Ireland.
From stylish visuals to accessible functionality I enjoy every part of the design process. My weapons of choice are Netbeans, Notepad ++, Photoshop, Edge, Flash, After Effects and Premier Pro. I am an expert in Html5, Css3, Java, Jsp, ActionScript3, Sql, Jquery, Xml and Uml.
I make it a necessary part of my life to constantly learn new techniques and so I make an effort to read and acquire the knowledge of tools I do not have. I also run my personal blog and Facebook community page with over 400 active subscribers!
I also enjoy passing on my knowledge and teaching people who want to learn about web design and video production. Using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Wordpress and Magneto I really get pleasure from teaching young students the process of web development.
When in my spare time (that which does not involve code and design) I am also a passionate soccer player and have dreams of one day being a rock star!!
I speak multiple languages with fluency in English, Slovakian and Polish.
My goal in the future is to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, creating and designing software and web sites.

My programming skills:

Html5 - 80%

Css3 - 78%

Js - 50%

jQuery Mobile - 60%

Php - 55%

MySql - 60%

Java - 55%

Other software:

Photoshop - 80%

Illustrator - 50%

Flash - 55%

Edge Animate - 90%

After Effects - 50%

Premier Pro - 60%

3Dmax - 30%

Honors & Awards:


2013 Dare 2B Drink Aware Finalist Dare 2B Drink Aware Ireland April 2013 This project is an experimental interactive graphic novel built using the latest HTML 5 / CSS 3 & Js technologies - view project.

You can find me on one of my social network pages:

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How Can I Help You?

Feel free to ask me about: job offers, projects you want me to contribute to, latest technologies I work with or any other subject you may think I can help you!

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You can contact me by:

  • Email: info [at]
  • Where: Limerick, Ireland

Or find me on one of my social network pages:

facebook twitter you tube pawel kaim google plus

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