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Parallax scrolling – single web page using jquery tutorial

Probably every one saw latest web design trend called parallax scroll. I has been use jquery parallax scroll effect for a while in my projects, and I have to admit I really enjoy jquery. I decided to share my parallax scroll tutorial with you guys. But first let’s have a look on my parallax scroll based projects. My first one page design was my college project for Interactive Design Interface – Html5 Interactive Magazine. After that I decided to do my portfolio in the same style – Pawel Kaim Portfolio.

Parallax scroll tutorial

Ok so now you have some idea about parallax scroll. In next step I’ll show you how to create your first parallax scroll web page. First things first, we start with simple hmtl5.
Download file to view html

Parallax Scrolling

In next step we will create css file.

Last step is jquery parallax scroll

Download parallax scroll

Download source parallax scroll

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